Today’s students are tomorrow’s global society. It’s imperative that present society do everything within its power to ensure its children are well-equipped for the future. This begins with education.

~Khaja Syed, CEO

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Our platform enables organizations to:

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Accept Applications
Nominate Students
Flexible Scholarship Matches
Match Applicants to Funds
Timely Submission
Review Workflows
Online Review
Flexible Awards Process
Renewable Awards
Report and Analyze

CommunityForce helps to pave the all-too-often rocky road that needy and deserving students take to find money to pay for higher education.

CommunityForce was founded to solve a problem facing education and philanthropic organizations worldwide: the struggle to increase community impact while drowning in paper-based scholarship and grants processes.

CommunityForce offers scholarship providers a full-featured software for advertising scholarships, matching applicants, reviewing, reporting and awarding funds online. Providers can use the software to perform intelligent matches and make awards based on need, merit or donor-advised fund criteria. Whether you have no application, a nomination only process, or an online application form(s) with 2,000 questions, CommunityForce has what you need to improve your processes.

With our platform, you’ll be able to strengthen your relationships with donors; building trust with your donors and keeping them in the loop on how their funds are impacting the lives of needy and merit-based award winners. Through creating an applicant review only portal for donors, this enables donors to read success stories and thank you notes from the applicants they fund, generating real connection that can increase your affinity with the donors.