Powerful features, intuitive platform

Take advantage of powerful features that help your team streamline your process and maximize your impact, from first application to final report.

Launch with confidence

Build your program from scratch using user-friendly tools that anyone on your team can easily pick up – no coding or IT expertise needed. Then, execute your plan in a matter of days, not months, with features like customized branding, drag-and-drop forms, and multi-tiered permission and so much more

Form Logic

Enhance your form by incorporating branching logic, allowing for a concise and dynamic experience that adapts based on applicant responses.

Build Custom Forms

Easily build a form that exactly fits your needs, with dozens of question types and file uploads, or choose from one of our existing templates.

Permission Levels

Facilitate seamless collaboration among applicants, empowering them to work together on applications and submit as a cohesive team in real-time.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Enable your users to seamlessly access CommunityForce using their existing organization membership credentials. They can conveniently utilize the same usernames and passwords already set up, simplifying the login process.


Enhance your account by removing CommunityForce branding with custom CSS and white labeling, allowing for advanced customization. Additionally, you have the ability to translate CommunityForce pages, forms, and internal dashboard into any language, ensuring accessibility for your audience.

Branded Portals

Direct candidates to a branded portal that looks and feels like your organization. Add your unique colors, logo, and brand image to any page above.

Manage it all from one place

Deliver an exceptional experience to applicants, reviewers, employees, and all stakeholders with a comprehensive solution that streamlines every aspect of your programs. Streamline and automate recurrent tasks and workflows to ensure seamless access to essential information, files, and funds exactly when they are needed.

Eligibility Screening

Create custom eligibility quizzes and pre-screen applications automatically resulting in time saved weeding out ineligible applications.

Fraud Prevention

Combat fraud effectively by leveraging advanced identity verification tools that seamlessly integrate into your existing processes, ensuring a frictionless experience for your users.

Collaborative Submissions

Make it easy for applicants to work together on applications and submit as a team in real-time.

Automated Review

Save time and increase efficiency by automating the review process for applications and apply automated scores, reducing the risk of human error and ensuring a fair and unbiased evaluation.

Funds Distribution Tracking

Track your program budget and funds allocation in real time with an intuitive funds dashboard. Always stay on top of your financial picture and avoid overlapping payments.

Additional Forms

Once a submission is complete, gather additional information from applicants using follow-up forms, keeping all communication and materials in a centralized location for easy reference.

Reminders & Notifications

Streamline communication between reviewers and submitters with user-friendly notifications. Prompt team members regarding pending submissions or gently encourage submitters to complete their applications.

Search & Archive

Quickly search and find submissions, applications, data, and files using a comprehensive search functionality. Archive completed submissions for future reference or reporting.

Automatic & Manual Team Assignments

Easily assign application submissions to reviewers or teams, streamlining the review process and ensuring timely evaluation. Alternatively, assign submissions manually for complete control over the workflow.

Simple & Advanced Reviews

Simplify the review process with yes/maybe/no voting or create a custom rubric for reviewers with advanced features like scoring, weighted criteria, blind reviews, and more. Customize your review process to fit the needs of each program and streamline evaluations.

Reporting & Data Analysis

Leverage powerful reporting tools to analyze data, track progress, and make informed decisions. Gain insights into application trends, reviewer performance, and more to continuously improve your programs.

Review Workflow

Tailor your multi-round review process to suit your needs. Monitor progress, identify bottlenecks, and ensure that all submissions are reviewed in a timely and efficient manner.

Real-time Collaboration

Enable real-time collaboration between applicants, reviewers, and team members to streamline communication and facilitate feedback. Keep everyone on the same page throughout the entire application process.

Automated Reminders

Ensure that deadlines are met by sending automated reminders to submitters and reviewers, keeping them informed and on track.

Measure results

Track the success of your programs by creating in-depth, custom, and automated reports and dashboards with real-time data and analytics. Measure the impact of your initiatives and make informed decisions for future improvements with comprehensive exports and integrations.

Impact Reporting

Measure your team’s impact, see what’s working best, and improve your programs accordingly for the best results. View and build custom reports on all your data without a glitch.

Advanced Reporting

Slice and dice your campaign data as you see fit. Create and organize flexible reports, filter according to important fields, create charts and measure your impact.

Reports and Data Exports

Easily track and review submission progress for all forms. Filter by form, date range, and labels to view submissions quickly and efficiently.

Intuitive Dashboard

CommunityForce provides clear, concise dashboards to visualize data and track the progress of your programs. The intuitive layout allows you to easily view important metrics at a glance.


Integrate and connect CommunityForce with your favorite apps and tools like Zapier, Salesforce, and Quickbooks for seamless workflow and enhanced productivity.

API Access

Leverage your data across business applications by extending the functionality of CommunityForce’s software.

Some of our major integrations

Integrate Grants Management with your favorite apps for a more streamlined workflow. Increase productivity and save time with a large number of popular third-party solutions – no coding expertise required.