Integrate your favorite apps with CommunityForce

Maximize our platform’s efficiency by integrating with your favorite third party applications. Spend less time connecting systems and processes, and more time connecting with applicants, reviewers, and recipients.

integration with salesforce

Data Integration with Salesforce CRM

Link your program data using API integration for salesforce, or another CRM, to streamline the entirety of your processes with automatic data push and pull between CommunityForce and your Salesforce instance.

CommunityForce is outfitted to support uni-directional relationships with Salesforce. This means when utilizing integration techniques with Salesforce, you only can push the data from CommunityForce to Salesforce.

Save time by using timed automations to push data between the two systems, giving you the data you need, when you need it without the need for manual entry. Create a well organized program by keeping your data records synced at all times.

Move and Connect Data

Imagine being able to move data between CommunityForce and other systems on a larger scale.

CommunityForce connects with Ellucian, Banner, and PeopleSoft to pull student related information and update it against the applicants application(s) in your instance of CommunityForce’s scholarship/grants management application.

Additionally, we connect to GuideStar using their API’s to pull the organization information into your CommunityForce instance for a particular organization.

Pull data from your favorite external systems flawlessly and empower your systems to do their magic. Save time and focus on what matters – maximizing your impact.

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analytics reporting
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Integration with Analytics and Reporting

Get deeper insights for your award programs by integrating your program data with Business Intelligence reporting and analytics tools. Extract and automatically import your campaign performance data into your favorite analytics tool to visualize data and track trends efficiently. Automatically create charts, and reports that let you share data with the rest of your team and your stakeholders and donors.

Save time on creating manual charts and graphs and work on increasing your impact for future campaigns without the extra work.

Single Sign On

Optimize your award program right from registration, and allow your applicants to circulate each step of the application smoothly. You can do this by leveraging one of our many Single Sign On (SSO) options.

Single Sign On allows your users to access CommunityForce using the same usernames and passwords they already have set up as a member of your organization. This enables applicants, reviewers and administrators to sign in easily with one set of credentials.

CommunityForce supports the following modes of SSO for your convenience:

Microsoft ADFS
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ico save time

Save Time

Automate workflows across your various business tools, resulting in a more efficient time-saving program.

ico practical solution

A Practical Solution

Our team is fully equipped to integrate your favorite apps, so no need to spend thousands of dollars and time on third party developers for your integration.

ico increase data accuracy

Increase data accuracy

Increase data accuracy by avoiding manual data entry, and make the right decisions quickly and efficiently