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Awards and Community Investment

Awards and Social Responsibility

Accomplish your social good goals and measure your impact. Deepen employee engagement and encourage employee giving and volunteering with your programs.

  • Corporate Philanthropy Awards

  • Scholarships and fellowships

  • Grants and Bursaries

  • Emergency & crisis relief grants

  • Disaster Relief

  • Financial gifts and sponsorships

  • Employee Recognition Awards

  • In-kind Donations

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Fundraising and Donation Management

Give back to the community and encourage employee and customer engagement when fundraising for shared causes. Boost your CSR program so you can focus on what matters: maximizing your impact

  • Fundraising events management

  • Conferences and Exhibitions

  • Collect donations and payments efficiently

  • Track and measure donor engagement

Fundraising and Donor Relations
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Internal Operations

Internal Operations

Simplify your internal operations and applications and focus on your foundation’s success with the best team and the best resources.

  • Organize your operational affairs all in one place

  • Internal Applications

  • Job Applications

  • Program Applications

  • Volunteer Applications

  • Internal Funding Opportunities

  • And much more!

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Meet our customers

” As a Foundation, we are very satisfied with the CommunityForce solution to our scholarship management needs. We have been using it for five (5) years and find it to be user-friendly and easy to set things up on our own. The system is so robust, we are not sure we are using all of the functionality. “

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Katelyn Michaud

” We originally had a paper process and in 2014 we chose CommunityForce Scholarship Management as the tool to help us manage our fellowship applications as well as our refresher grants.  CommunityForce has really streamlined the application process and eliminated the use of packets and binders to manage the hundreds of applications we get each cycle. “

logo Blakemore Foundation

Cathy Scheibner
Blakemore Foundation

” We are very satisfied with the CommunityForce Scholarship Management platform and over the past five (5) years have been able to grow our scholarship applicants from a mere 25 to well over 1,000 this year. We were looking for a platform that we could grow with and are very happy with our choice. “

logo Centre for Cyber Safety and Education

Carol Boniface
Centre for Cyber Safety and Education

” At the top of the list is the support we receive from CommunityForce. Kudos to our support agents – they respond quickly and provide answers that teach us how to do, instead of just providing a fix. I appreciate all the videos offered – especially for the new upgrade. We really like the new navigation, it’s even more intuitive than before. “

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Kate Nowak
United Way of Routt County

Some of our major integrations

Integrate CommunityForce with your favorite apps for a more streamlined workflow. Increase productivity and save time with a large number of popular third-party solutions – no coding expertise required.

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Discover how Corporations manage and save time with CommunityForce

Manage your corporate philanthropy programs, internal operation submissions, and deepen your employee engagement all within the same platform, with simplified use for employers, employees, reviews, and administrators alike

ico Save time on tedious tasksSave time on tedious tasks

Efficiently manage thousands of applications with ease, and make unbiased and impactful decisions. Save time on repetitive tasks with automation so you can focus on your growth.

ico Save time on tedious tasksBoost your CSR

Stay ahead of your CSR demand by accomplishing your social good goals and deepening employee and customer engagement with CommunityForce

ico Save time on tedious tasksCreate custom programs

Choose existing forms or customize your own to fulfill your campaign requirements, with the ability to view and manage all your existing forms on a single screen.

ico Save time on tedious tasksUser-Centric Interface

Engage your customers, employees, and community with a platform that keeps every user and their needs in mind.

ico Save time on tedious tasksComprehensive and unbiased evaluation

Reach your CSR goals faster with a complete and unbiased review process. Use built in tools to eliminate bias and make the best choice.

ico Save time on tedious tasksMeasure your impact

Capture the data you need to measure your impact. Make better decisions resulting in better solutions