Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)

Success Pack

Get Started with the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)

With Salesforce NPSP, nonprofits can get up and running more easily by providing them with the seamless capability to manage their constituents and fundraising activities. They also can manage donors and can utilize basic grants management within NPSP.

Salesforce NPSP enables nonprofits with the capability to implement best practices and standard workflows with a nonprofit-specific householding data model to:

  • Better connect with and engage constituents with your mission through a personalized experience

  • Track, manage, and report on donation and memberships

  • Manage fundraising and other engagement campaigns

  • Nurture donors through engagement and memberships

  • Efficiently manage many different types of programs

To begin implementation, CommunityForce will review each nonprofit’s unique requirements and assess the surrounding technical environment before preparing clear implementation recommendations. We then perform expert, collaborative configuration to address the highest priority recommendations. Starting the engagement in this way gets clients moving in the right direction as new Salesforce NPSP users.

CommunityForce can also provide an independent assessment and review of existing Salesforce implementations, helping existing Salesforce users get back on track or to a better place.