Salesforce have spent years of dedication, developing and refining their CRM solution to specifically tailor it to meet the needs of non-profits and their fundraising management. It is called the Non Profit Success Pack (NPSP), and the product continues to thrive and be a leading solution globally as Salesforce commits dedicated resources to listening, evolving and developing their solution to meet the needs of their 30,000 plus non-profit customers globally.

The NPSP is a packaged solution that can be used out-of-the box with the right guidance and training, but with the amazing technology of Salesforce it can also tailored and customised to align with your language, management processes and reporting requirements and other products can be integrated to advance it’s functionality.

For those looking to get their head around the solution, we have provided a one day virtual training course completing focussed on the NPSP Set up and Management Process. It will help you to understand solution and what it offers and help you to understand the functionality it offers. As experts in the product we can advise on best practices ways of using it and shared learning to answer questions.

The next training sessions are:

We would recommend participants complete the Trailhead NPSP module in advance of the training so you are aware of what the solution offers.

For many small non-profits this may well be enough to get you started, but if you find you need additional support we can offer further admin training workshops and also one to one consultancy services to train and support further customization and training of users. We are always happy to help.