A good grant application effectively addresses the selection criteria by demonstrating your organization’s ability to deliver services that respond to issues in the community. Claims against selection criteria should also be supported by evidence to demonstrate capabilities, past performance, and benefits for intended clients.

Make the process stress-free by following these best practices:

Check Your Eligibility

Before completing an application form, you should make yourself familiar with all relevant documents.  This will ensure you understand the agency grant program and whether your organization is eligible to apply for funding, before investing time and resources into preparing an application.

Plan Your Application

Plan your grant application carefully and follow all instructions. In addition, ensure you complete all the required forms and submit all the necessary documents before the specified deadline.

Be Specific and Include All Pertinent Details 

When writing your grant application make sure you define who will benefit from the project, your objectives, and how the project coincides with the aim of your grant program.

Write a Remarkable Project Plan

When writing your grant project plan make sure you include how your project will be undertaken, a full description of your project, a budget proposal that outlines all potential costs involved, a realistic timeline of when key deliverables will be achieved, and even an evaluation of how you will measure the success of your endeavor.

Consider Other Funding Sources

When researching your project cost, consider what other funding sources are available and include this in your grant application. Other funding sources could include government departments, in-kind contributions, philanthropic organizations, volunteers, and local businesses.

Demonstrate Your Understanding of the Need

You should be able to demonstrate how the proposed service or project will benefit the target group and community including intended benefits, and evidence to support your approach. Tell your reviewers the importance of your project and how it will contribute to the field.

Demonstrate Your Capacity and Ability

Detail how you, your mentors, and collaborators have the expertise to complete the project successfully. Support this with letters from collaborators if necessary.


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