A Paperless Office not only smoothens the overall processes but also improves the mental health of the employees.

Moving to a Paperless office i.e moving processes into the cloud not only make your operations run more smoothly, but it could also have significant mental health benefits for your staff. Life at a nonprofit can be hard, especially when you are relying on outmoded business practices that center on paper. You already work long hours; just think about how filing paper, filling out documents by hand and manual data entry add time to already lengthy procedures.

If you want your staff to perform at their best, provide the tools they need to perform their jobs in the most efficient manner.  Providing tools like application and business management software can free up time and energy and have a huge impact on their day-to-day lives. Yes, change might be hard, but change is also an inevitable part of your organization and good for your people.  Just as importantly, change is good for the people your organization is helping.

The item that never seems to help organizations grow and move forward –clinging to old-fashioned systems when better tools exist because of a fear of the effort involved in change.  In addition to increasing organizational efficiency, moving toward a digital lifestyle can provide more flexible working conditions for staff and even improve their mental health.

When companies move their business processes online, they can get rid of the piles of paper that accumulate. People tend to be happier in cleaner environments, so reducing the clutter and opening up space can also contribute to a happier work environment.


The ambiance we spend time in has a significant effect on the way we experience the day. Office design and lighting are one factor, but clutter actually impacts the way people feel too. A study from the University of California Los Angeles’s Center on Everyday Lives and Families found a link between the stress hormone cortisol and a high density of household objects, House Logic reported. The clutter tended to bother women more than men in the study, but freeing up space can have a positive impact on both genders.

Of course, going paperless doesn’t just improve mental health, moving to online processes can save your organization time, money, and can improve communication and accuracy of many functions. Using a significant amount of paper invites mistakes, whether it’s from illegible writing or misfiling. Going digital greatly reduces these types of issues.

If you’re still bogged down in paperwork, it’s time to consider a change.