Did you know that organizations spend hundreds of hours annually on grant administration?

From maintaining ad-hoc systems to updating spreadsheets, imagine the time you could put toward revenue-generating tasks if you were to automate processes.

With grant management software, you can automate competitive award management and post-award report generation.

By automating manual processes, you can have quicker access to data, along with making your workday more efficient and helping you focus on your organization’s end goal of helping the community.

Reduce labor costs.

Administrative time is the biggest black hole of any grant budget. Many grants don’t fully fund administrative and indirect costs, which means that organizations have to find additional funding to fill the gap. Automation can help to lessen the administrative burden required to manage grants, resulting in time and cost savings for grant recipients.

Grantees can also experience cost savings with the ability to reduce the amount of staff training required. Historically, it may have taken a long time to train staff on how to do manual tasks, especially if a high degree of accuracy was required (e.g. time and effort reporting). However, automated processes require less training, which can lead to lower overhead costs.

Increase productivity.

Technology and automation increase productivity by reducing the time it takes to perform repetitive tasks.

Reduce or eliminate routine manual and clerical tasks.

This basically defines grant management: many time-intensive manual and clerical tasks, that really only consist of a small part of the tasks required to effectively manage grants.

Mitigate the effects of labor shortages.

You may be facing a true labor shortage and not have enough staff members or staff hours to cover all of the work that’s needed. If all of your grant staff left abruptly, where would your projects, training, and reporting stand? Automation helps to ensure greater consistency in processes, lessening the impact of labor shortages or in the event that key staff members leave.

Accomplish processes quickly and accurately.

While many tasks can be completed manually, accuracy standards dictate that you will greatly benefit from automation and streamlining. Grant management software can also help you expedite grant management processes and drive efficiency.

Reduce bottlenecks with manual, redundant methods. 

Organizations should go paperless so they can easily store, access, and manage all documents digitally. Once stored, they can be easily accessed and displayed without any manual intervention.

Enhance communication and collaboration across stakeholders. 

When multiple people are involved in managing grants, automating the process gives users instant access to information at any time during the grant lifecycle.

Improve consistency with less effort.

Efficient grants management is best achieved with grants management systems. With such technology, teams are better able to organize and access essential information for both day-to-day management and organization-wide reporting, as well as meeting requirements placed by funding agencies.

Ensure compliance with reporting requirements. 

An intuitive grants management platform offers benefits such as single-source data retention, ease of access/use by administrators and certifiers, and automated reporting. These benefits, as well as the benefit of electronic record storage, provides the basis for financial and compliance management and audit support.

Improve customer experience.

With more expectations for greater transparency and increased reporting requirements, submitting data for reporting purposes and calculating return on a cost-per-client basis doesn’t have to be a daunting task with the aid of grant management software.

Slice and dice that data however you wish using real-time ad-hoc reporting. Create and organize flexible reports, export, and quickly transform raw data into useful and readily understood information. Easily measure your impact and make decisions for a more efficient grants process with Grants United.
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Manage your Application Process

Communicate with applicants and reviewers, view applicants in real-time, and manage the evaluation workflow to make sure your review team makes equitable and unbiased decisions.

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Build and Accept Applications

Choose existing forms or customize your own form to fulfill your requirements, and view and manage all your existing forms on one screen.

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