Communicating with Staff | You may have recently become aware that there are ways to improve your processes with digital tools like grant management or donation management software. However, implementing a new platform can be a daunting task.

Before even selecting a vendor, you have to set up a plan for communicating with staff members, according to Nonprofit Technology Network. If you don’t involve staff from the beginning, the implementation of grant management software won’t be successful because employees are likely to be less engaged and unsure of what to do. Whoever is heading the project should come up with a communication strategy that includes the benefits of grant management software and a plan for initial and ongoing training.

There are several reasons why it’s important to approach employees before you even get started. All staff should be involved from the beginning to assuage any anxieties they have about what a grant management system means for them. Some staff may fear that the new software could eventually take over their jobs, according to Tech Impact. Others may simply be uneasy about using digital tools. They may need a while to get used to the idea, and some may be resistant at first.

It’s important to involve your employees, not just to get them behind the new technology, but also for insight into what they need in a software platform. Before selecting a vendor, you should get feedback from everyone who will be using it, from volunteers to board members. Everyone will probably interact with the new platform in unique ways, making it imperative you understand their perspectives before you start.

Finally, you should communicate with colleagues at other institutions. If you know a foundation of about your size has implemented a grant management or similar platform, ask them for advice. Find out what went smoothly in their implementation and what could have gone better.

Once all your staff has been informed, and you have future communication channels in place, you can start looking into vendor selection.