Scholars United

Leading Scholarship Management Solution designed for Community Foundations

Propel your mission with our customizable and integrated management platform designed specifically for Community Foundations. Nurture your programs and harness the power of technology so you can focus on driving impact and making a difference.

  • Manage your donors, volunteers, grantees, and more with our smart CRM system

  • Create and promote online donation forms effortlessly

  • Initiate email marketing campaigns and witness your performance, real-time

  • Integrate all your existing applications and migrate data seamlessly

  • Promote donor retention and increase engagement levels exponentially

  • Generate comprehensive reports for your stakeholders and gather relevant data

  • Automate your awarding process

  • Third-party integrations

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Application and Review Cloud Software for Community Foundations

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Easy Application Portal

Our intuitive, easy to use form builder comes fully configurable, so you can put your mission in the forefront from your applicant’s first visit.

  • “One-Click Apply” option, so applicants can apply for all available opportunities in just a few seconds 

  • Platform to manage their applications

  • Upload attachments, essays, letters of recommendations

  • Applicant profile feature

  • Mobile responsive

  • Thank you letters

  • View matching scholarships

Scholars United Application Portal Screen
Scholars United Admin Control Screen

Comprehensive Admin Control 

  • 360 oversight of application lifecycle  

  • Automate submissions, evaluations, and awards 

  • Automatically match students to awards 

  • Create flexible reports 

  • Comprehensive funds management 

  • Assign applications to your reviewers 

  • Collaborate with admins & other reviewers 

  • Score and rank applications