Nonprofit organizations depend on donations to keep operations running. This often makes for a grueling dependency on fundraising. With the challenges these organizations face, online donation management software that allows nonprofits to stay in touch with prospects and keep their information organized is becoming a necessity. These platforms can help alleviate burnout and prevent turnover by improving processes, bringing out the best in fundraising initiatives.

The nonprofit sphere must confront many challenges, such as frequent turnover, which can also affect the efficacy of fundraising efforts. According to a report from CompassPoint, a significant number of development directors are considering leaving their organizations within two years. The smaller the nonprofit, the more likely development staff are to anticipate departing. In the case of nonprofits with budgets under one million, 57 percent of current development directors think they will leave their organization within two years. For nonprofits with budgets exceeding more than $10 million, 38 percent are considering moving on. A smaller percentage of respondents reported wanting to leave the development field altogether. Twenty-seven percent of development directors in organizations with budgets of less than one million are considering leaving the field, compared with 11 percent of nonprofits with budgets exceeding $10 million.

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The report also found that many organizations are unhappy with the performance of development staff. However, the higher the operating budget of the nonprofit, the less likely executives are to be disappointed with their development teams. This may indicate that development professionals working in organizations with higher budgets are simply more poised for success when it comes to fundraising. Having the right tools, like donation management software, can help talented staff do their jobs even better. As the CompassPoint report noted, organizations that achieve consistent success in fundraising efforts tend to have a cohesive approach in which all members of the team have a thorough understanding of the organization’s goals. In addition, these nonprofits tend to invest in technology that helps them succeed.

Donation management platforms allow nonprofits to research individual and foundation prospects more efficiently, and keep in touch with previous donors. These systems also increase collaboration and visibility into fundraising operations. However, as Techsoup pointed out, sophisticated technology streamlines workflow and makes fundraising more efficient, but it can’t replace the human element. Donation management software can’t write a grant proposal for you, but it can help ensure that you finish all the elements and get it sent out to the right foundations.

While nonprofit leaders may doubt the skills of their development teams, they can’t deny that when staff members depart, a fair amount of expertise and knowledge can walk out the door with them. The amount of turnover in this industry can prevent nonprofits from achieving their goals. However, when organizations use a donation management platform, much of the information nonprofits need to access is maintained within the system. In addition, donation management software can improve workflow so that life is easier on hardworking staff members. In the long run, turnover may decrease as a result.

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