Scholarship management software can help organizations effectively promote their services to the public. Effective communication and visibility are the key elements to successfully advertising a scholarship and all that it offers.

Why is this important to promote scholarships

Firespring iterated the need to make the applicant the center of attention during the promotion. In a strong call to action, the nonprofit should not make assumptions about how much people know about the organization or the scholarship in question. It’s likely many people have not heard about a particular sponsorship. This call to action must clearly display the results the organization has achieved. Discuss why the scholarship is relevant and who it can help.

Nonprofits must convey their mission and message in terms geared toward their constituents and applicants. Nothing drives people to take action like their personal goals and an opportunity to achieve them.

Where is information available?

Typically, scholarship information, guidelines, and procedures can be found on the organization’s website. This means that while promoting a scholarship, an organization must simultaneously be promoting its website. Displaying the website address prominently on letterhead and in emails increases the exposure of a particular site. Do not make it difficult for anyone to find the information they need.

Posting information on social media websites is another terrific way to promote scholarships. Linking to networking sites like Facebook and Twitter directly from emailed messages encourages recipients to click as they read to learn more about opportunities. Using the same hashtag across both Twitter and Facebook gives followers a greater sense of continuity and professionalism.

On a nonprofit’s website and blog, be sure to include all the steps necessary for scholarship application. Marketing Edge outlined each step in the processing, eligibility requirements, and deadline dates of their promotional efforts. Let applicants know what the decision-making process is like, how many applications are typically received, what reviewers are looking for, and perhaps regulations for how funding is presented to the recipient over a certain span of time.

Who can help support?

If the scholarship focuses on a particular area of study, contact local schools for student nominations. Send informational emails to staff in relevant departments. Nonprofit Hub encouraged wearing clothing with the nonprofit’s logo and contact information out and about. Selling clothing like this can be turned into a fundraising effort in honor of a particular scholarship. Volunteer Guide also mentioned that there are scholarship databases that NPOs can submit to so more people are aware of the opportunities offered.