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Welcome to the future of Grant Management. We understand the challenges you face in managing grants – the complex procedures, the paperwork, and the time it consumes. That’s why we’ve developed our innovative Grant Management Solutions, designed to simplify your grant process and save you valuable resources.

Trusted by leading organizations worldwide

CommunityForce Grants Management Solutions (GMS) have helped numerous organizations worldwide to streamline, optimize and efficiently manage their grants. From small non-profits to large government agencies, our solutions have been trusted by leading organizations to handle their grant processes.

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Simplify the messy administrative work of your grant program with CommunityForce, a grant management software that helps you launch quickly and focus more on making change happen.

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“We are dedicated to aiding our clients in various missions, from promoting education to sparking inspiration for the next generation, from fortifying communities to facilitating transformative change. It’s a privilege to collaborate with them, and we take pride in contributing to their positive influence. Trusted by over 500+ mission-focused organizations.”

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Integrate Fellowship Management with your favorite apps for a more streamlined workflow. Increase productivity and save time with a large number of popular third-party solutions – no coding expertise required.

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