Grant management software is a program or application that helps non-profits administer the grant process. Grant Management software assists non-profit organizations with researching, applying for, collecting, and managing grants.

Similarly. Scholarships Management software is a program or application that helps colleges or universities administer and manage their scholarship process. It assists students with researching, applying for, collecting and managing scholarships.

There are various Companies who offer Scholarship and Grants Management solutions. Here are the reviews of customers for the Top Grants and Scholarship Management Companies available on various platforms / websites:


Founded in 2007, CommunityForce offers a cloud based online solution to manage scholarships and grants.


  • Easy Paperless On-line Application Process

  • Multiple live Applications at any time

  • Admin, Applicant & Reviewers can print Applications

  • Application Progress is saved

  • Applicant profile is saved for future use and applications

  • Unlimited amount of conditional logic

  • Simplified migration path between Grants United and Scholars United

  • Grants United and Scholars United are hosted in U.S. based data centers

  • Supports high volume of applications

  • Built in reports and ad-hoc reporting


  • Doesn’t offer Contract Management Solutions

Award Spring

An easy-to-use, powerful, intuitive, and smart scholarship management platform. (Scholarship)


  • Fully customizable application that’s accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device.

  • Reporting that gives insight into applicant pool, reviewer progress, and historical data.

  • Integration with Information System.

  • Workflow management to send reminders, manage follow-ups, and more.


  • System is very complex

  • No option to print the application

  • Setting up a scholarship is very difficult.

Smarter Select

An effective and efficient application management system for scholarships, grants, awards and more.


  • The system is capable of handling a few thousand applicants.

  • No programming required.

  • Operates on all types of phones, tablets, and laptops.

  • Automated recommendations.

  • Customized scoring rubric.

  • Powerful reporting to find your best applicants.

  • Communication to users via email and text messages.


  • Customer is responsible for implementation

  • System has complex reporting module- unable to run adhoc reports

  • System is unable to adapt to complex application or awarding process.

  • Lacks printing options

Blackbaud Award

Blackbaud Award Management (formerly AcademicWorks) is a cloud-based scholarship management and donor reporting solution which assists schools, colleges and universities with applicant tracking and communication. The Blackbaud Award Management solution serves as the catalyst to improve student access to scholarship funds, enhance cross-functional visibility.


  • Easy to use and a cloud-based software.

  • Using this single software, we can combine multiple tasks.

  • A highly accurate tool

  • Saves a lot of time


  • Reporting Module is not user friendly

  • The third-party request section is complex and hard to use

  • System has limitations on that amount of conditional logic that can be used.

Survey Monkey Apply

Offers solution on how you collect and review applications for grants, scholarships, awards and other programs. Simplify applications, automate workflows, and select your best candidates, faster.


  • The platform is very user-friendly and easy for the clients to navigate. SurveyMonkey Apply has exceptional customer service and resolves issues very quickly.

  • Accept documents and media files with ease, in the format you specify.

  • Make it easy for students to request reference letters, and for referrers to submit references, in one place.

  • Follow-up with awarded students and automate the collection of thank-you letters and videos.


  • The system cannot handle complex solutions

  • Hard to integrate third party solutions.

  • Each program has its own portal. Year to Year programs must create a new account.


WizeHive offers the most flexible full life-cycle software for grants, scholarships, awards, and more. Helping foundations, nonprofits, and mission-based programs.


  • Ease of use and a simplified system

  • Easy to navigate


  • Applicants do not have access to historic applications

  • Unable to release applications/ sections to specific applicants.

  • Unable to release applications/ sections to specific applicants.

  • System is not user- friendly.