Every fellowship is an opportunity: for the school to secure a bright mind and for the student to secure a bright future. However, applying for a fellowship program isn’t an easy task, and it requires significant time and energy investments from applicants. If the application process is complicated and disengaged, it easily becomes a cumbersome task to get through. Some might not even bother to get started. When faced with multiple programs, students may only choose to go through certain processes in the interest of time.

As students go through arduous tasks, so do institutions and organizations that manage fellowship programs. Investing in a reliable fellowship management system results in increased administrator efficiency and saves time and money that can be better allocated to other community-impacting activities.

Spend less time managing fellowships in spreadsheets and emails, and more time making a difference with CommunityForce’s fellowship management platform. Streamline your fellowship process and effortlessly collect and review diverse applications, automate workflows, and focus on what matters most – selecting the best candidates and maximizing their impact.

Create focused, automated workflows

Looking to free up some time in your process? Manage your fellowship application process from end to end using one account. Automate tedious and repetitive steps like assigning projects to save time, and focus on what matters – finding and inspiring the right fellows.

Create a seamless application, review, and funding process

Create a process that’s polished and painless for everyone involved. With our powerful and intuitive applicant, reviewer, and administrator portals, CommunityForce’s platform makes your tasks simple, fast, and efficient.

Monitor your impact in real-time

Don’t be left in the dark. Access all your application and funding data in real-time with our Business Intelligence tool, and create powerful custom reports so that you can monitor your impact and ensure a seamless process every step of the way.

Community Force’s Fellowship Management is an all-in-one solution encompassing all your needs, so you can carry out your fellowship mission of any size seamlessly on one platform.

User-Centric Interface

Designed with ease of use and convenience in mind, our centralized, mobile-friendly application system provides your applicant an engaging experience with full visibility, a rich text editor tool, and the ability to upload supporting documents on the go.

Application-Specific Dashboard

Applicants can view their application sections, status, and view matching opportunities at a glance. They never have to worry about losing their work because we will automatically save it for them. Request any additional functionality from our friendly support team to meet your needs.

Collaborate and Manage Applications

Allow your applicants to add collaborators and manage members to create a team for their solution.

Outcome Reporting

Outcome reporting is not just for the grant owner, it’s also a useful tool for the applicant. Applicants can submit reports, upload receipts and budgets, see the outcome of their previous applications to measure the impact of their process and how they can improve effectively.

For Reviewers

FellowshipManagment Reviewer

View Assignments Dashboard

Find all the information you need for your assigned tasks on a single dashboard. Analyze the review progress and scores and filter accordingly to save wasted time spent searching for relevant information.

Comprehensive evaluation progress

Review applications at a glance with the same screen display functionality. Use an online scoring rubric along with comments from other committee members and recommended funding to reach a well-rounded and unbiased decision

Collaborate and Communicate

Collaborate with admins and other reviewers for a seamless review process. View comments and communicate with committee members and determine the outcome all on the same platform – say goodbye to multiple apps to communicate, collaborate, and review.


Whether you’re a startup organization or a leading corporation, CommunityForce provides fully customizable, all-in-one online grant management solutions to maximize your efficiency, simplify complex processes, and improve collaboration so you can focus on increasing your impact. We’ve helped organizations streamline their entire grant-making process no matter the size and scope of their giving.

We enable organizations to reduce the amount of time spent on administrative burdens and focus on what matters: increasing their impact.