Taking action during a crisis is a daunting task to carry out. Although there are no definitive guidelines, setting up and managing emergency grants efficiently is still possible with some actionable strategies you can implement to stay on top of your game.

COVID-19 has reminded us that sending help can’t wait and that while the grantmaking process is often long and thorough for a reason, sometimes we have to expedite the process in order to do what grants do best: help connect resources to the people who need them most.

Here are some tips for setting up and managing emergency grants with maximum efficiency, for maximum impact:

Don’t Give Your Grantees A Difficult Time 

With them being strained by the consequences of the crisis and needing funds, anything you can do to make the process less tedious will be appreciated. This can come in the form of increasing your funding or changing its scope, easing requirements and providing additional support. Consider paying sooner or expediting the timeline of future payments.

Prepare For The Challenges Of Working Remotely 

To make sure everyone is protected against COVID-19, social distancing is required. This means in-person collaboration is no longer an option and working remotely is the only way to go. Many emergency situations, from national disasters to economic crashes, may also necessitate an increase in remote work. Being able to work remotely and virtually are vital to grants management.

Keep Channels Of Communication Open 

Ease the burden for your grantees by checking up on them and listening to their needs. Communicate your objectives clearly and share the best practices you implement to efficiently provide emergency relief. Try to understand the changes they are undergoing to adapt to the situation and continue making a difference.

Keep Your Guidelines and Rules Straightforward and Simple

Start by simplifying your processes to reduce the length and complexity of your grant application form. Try to eliminate all information that you would like to know, but don’t need to know. Remove questions that capture information for the purpose of analysis and reporting – you can do this at a later stage. Create a shorter application form for grantees that have previously applied for funding.

Keep Your Website Updated

Update your website to show the changes you’ve implemented to your current mission, priorities, and grant process. Make sure your website can handle increased traffic and create a landing page specifically for the emergency and your efforts. Ensure your guidelines and application form are accessible.

Streamline and Simplify Your Review Process

Just as your form will need to change in a time of emergency, so will your review process. This is not the time for long meetings that painstakingly consider the pros and cons of funding a grantee.

This is a time for quickly verifying the validity of an application, picking the right grantees for your mission, and getting one step closer to funding them.

Set Aside Exhaustive Reporting

One of the major strategies that large numbers of philanthropic organizations are leaning into right now is easing their reporting requirements, both for grants that are currently being funded and for their new emergency relief grants.

Consider changing your reporting requirements by:

  • Extending or suspending reporting deadlines.
  • Converting reports to phone calls, video conferencing, or short memos.
  • Streamlining reporting processes.
  • Minimizing, eliminating, or changing the scope of project deliverables, including events and conferences.
  • Canceling or postponing site visits, or making site visits virtual.

Crisis Work Is Not Organized and Easy

Applying the above strategies to your emergency grant response will help you expedite your giving and assist the communities you care about. But they will not change the fact that you are operating in uncertain, and perhaps unprecedented, times.

A crisis is a time for action, even if it’s imperfect. It can also be a time for amazing innovation and  acts of compassion. Keep an open mind, welcome innovation, and your new emergency grantmaking skills could improve processes for all your grants.

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When tragedies like COVID-19 arise, marginalized individuals and communities often face disproportionate hardship as a result. Racism, violence, poverty, hunger, and lack of access to essential care and services make challenging situations that much more unmanageable—and the support of organizations like you matter more than ever.


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