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Create a smooth-running scholarship process with Scholars United, a platform to help universities, colleges and corporations manage their entire scholarship application lifecycle in one centralized solution.

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Easy Application Portal

Our intuitive, easy to use form builder comes fully configurable, so you can put your mission in the forefront from your applicant’s first visit.

  • “One-Click Apply” option, so applicants can apply for all available opportunities in just a few seconds 

  • Platform to manage their applications

  • Upload attachments, essays, letters of recommendations

  • Applicant profile feature

  • Mobile responsive

  • Thank you letters

  • View matching scholarships

Scholars United Application Portal Screen
Scholars United Admin Control Screen

Comprehensive Admin Control 

  • 360 oversight of application lifecycle  

  • Automate submissions, evaluations, and awards 

  • Automatically match students to awards 

  • Create flexible reports 

  • Comprehensive funds management 

  • Assign applications to your reviewers 

  • Collaborate with admins & other reviewers 

  • Score and rank applications

How does CommunityForce’s Scholars United help you?

Put students success first and award the right candidates with Scholars United. Make your work easier, automate repetitive, time consuming tasks, and focus on what matters – increasing your impact.

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Accept Applications

Providers can accept applications online or import student data from Excel spreadsheets.

Accept Applications

Need to import student data from enrollment systems, financial aid systems, home-grown student databases or from systems like Banner and PeopleSoft? Scholars United enables these imports and our integration APIs are used to afford students and admins single sign-on using their existing SIS credentials, eliminating the need for multiple usernames and passwords.

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Nominate Students

With CommunityForce you can have multiple individuals nominate applicants to receive scholarships.

Nominate Students

Advisors, high-school guidance counselors, department heads, academic college leaders, and/or community organizations have the flexibility to nominate applicants to receive scholarships.

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Flexible Scholarship Matches

Students can either search for eligible scholarships or have the system automatically find scholarship matches.

Flexible Scholarship Matches

With our “One-Click Apply” option, students can apply for all available scholarships in just a few seconds.

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Match Applicants to Funds

Have one fund or 5000? You can create funds and donor eligibility criteria.

Match Applicants to Funds

Scholars United automatically matches all the applicants who qualify. Easily set up a scoring rubric and have the system create a pre-sorted list of applicants based on the highest relevance to the fund’s criteria and find the most qualified applicants.

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Unlimited Review Workflows

Automate the entire review and scoring workflow process.

Create Unlimited Review Workflows

Whether you have a one-step review process or a 10 step review process the system allows you to create unlimited evaluation steps and links them to evaluation/review rubrics. Add scores to the review rubrics to filter the applicants that have the highest committee review scores.

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Online Review

Allow your staff, committees and donors to review and score applicants online.

Review and Score Online

Share funds-specific reports and spending policies with reviewers. Scholarship administrators can access all the reviews using a single administrator dashboard.

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Flexible Awards Process

The Awards Management Module allows you or the committee members to select the most qualified applicants and process them for the award.

Flexible Awards Process

The platform also allows awards to applicants from single or multiple funds. Students to accept or deny the offered award, and you can select your first and second favorite for the award in case your first choice declines. This saves the time and hassle of reevaluating all qualified applicants. Review funding overlap for applicants with multiple considerations; and to speed up the awards process, the system can perform batch awards.

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Renewable Awards

CommunityForce allows the scholarship administrators to track and manage scholarships that have to be renewed year after year.

Manage Renewable Awards and Ensure Spending Policy Compliance

CommunityForce enables you to collect information from the applicant post-award process. Scholarship administrators can create reports that can help them ensure that the applicant continues to comply with the fund requirement year after year.

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Report and Analyze

Create any number of reports on the data captured from the applicants, reviewers, and awards.

Report and Analyze

Slice and dice that data however you wish using real-time ad hoc reporting. Create reports to help with data accuracy and ensuring compliance with donor-advised funds requirements. Administrators can generate statistical reports from the system that can be used for annual reports.

Product Tour

Scholars United Overview

Join us for a quick 25 minute overview of Scholars United, or jump to sections that interest you most!

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  • 0:00 Introduction


  • 00:40 Applicant: Login, self registration

  • 01:13 Applicant: Branding, application list

  • 02:43 Applicant: My applications

  • 05:08 Applicant: Recommendations

  • 06:37 Applicant: Fund matching


  • 07:10 Admin: 360° oversight of application life-cycle, application detail

  • 07:44 Admin: Applications

  • 08:05 Admin: Committees/reviewers

  • 08:37 Admin: Scoring rubric

  • 09:10 Admin: Applicant assignment

  • 10:44 Admin: Application settings

  • 12:24 Admin: Funding sources

  • 14:13 Admin: Awards

  • 18:08 Admin: Reports dashboard


  • 20:37 Reviewer: Dashboard, application & scoring rubric view

Some of our major integrations

Integrate Scholars United with your favorite apps for a more streamlined workflow. Increase productivity and save time with a large number of popular third-party solutions – no coding expertise required.


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