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Simplify your grants-making process. Save time so you can focus on what matters: increasing your impact.

Grants United is the leading cloud-based solutions provider with a robust user interface and end-to-end life cycle automation. Maximize your efficiency, simplify complex processes, and improve the way you collaborate with our intuitive platform.

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How will Grants United benefit you?

Grants United is an all-in-one solution encompassing all your needs, so you can carry out your grants mission of
any size seamlessly on one platform.

Build and Accept Applications

Choose existing forms or customize your own form to fulfill your requirements, and view and manage all your existing forms on one screen. Add eligibility screening and accept as many as 50,000 applications in less than 30 minutes.

Manage your Application process

Communicate with applicants and reviewers, view applicants in real time and manage the evaluation workflow to make sure your review team makes equitable and unbiased decisions.

Distribute and Track Awards

Streamline your awards process with easy-to-use tools to notify awardees and disburse awards with a simple process. View allocated budget, top-ranked applicants, and scoring breakdown with a glance. Say goodbye to manually keeping up with tracking, and monitor your funding process all within the same platform.

Advanced Reporting Tools

Slice and dice that data however you wish using real-time ad-hoc reporting. Create and organize flexible reports, export and quickly transform raw data into useful and readily understood information. Easily measure your impact and make decisions for a more efficient grants process.

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User-Centric Interface

Designed with ease of use and convenience in mind, our centralized, mobile-friendly application system provides your applicant an engaging experience with full visibility, a rich text editor tool, and the ability to upload supporting documents on the go.

Application Specific Dashboard

Applicants can view their application sections, status, and view matching opportunities at a glance. They never have to worry about losing their work because we will automatically save it for them. Request any additional functionality from our friendly support team to meet your needs.

Collaborate and Manage Applications

Allow your applicants to add collaborators and manage members to create a team for their solution.

Outcome Reporting

Outcome reporting is not just for the grant owner, it’s also a useful tool for the applicant. Applicants can submit reports, upload receipts and budgets, see the outcome of their previous applications to measure the impact of their process and how they can improve affectively.


View Assignments Dashboard

Find all the information you need for your assigned tasks on a single dashboard. Analyze the review progress and scores and filter accordingly to save wasted time spent searching for relevant information.

Comprehensive evaluation progress

Review applications at a glance with same screen display functionality. Use an online scoring rubric along with comments from other committee members and recommended funding to reach a well-rounded and unbiased decision

Collaborate and Communicate

Collaborate with admins and other reviewers for a seamless review process. View comments and communicate with committee members and determine the outcome all on the same platform - say goodbye to multiple apps to communicate, collaborate, and review.


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Grants United Overview

Join us for a quick 20 minute overview of Grants United, or jump to sections that most interest you!

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  • 0:00 Grantor/Applicant: Login, branding & welcome message


  • 01:33 Applicant: Login, self registration, grant dashboard, new/existing application & collaboration, application status, conditional logic (unlimited), manage members, post award reporting


  • 07:27 Grantor: 360° oversight of application life-cycle, application detail

  • 07:51 Grantor: Search & filter, ad-hoc notification & notification center, real-time application access, review process management & scoring rubrics, admin view of rubric & reviewer assignment


  • 12:26 Reviewer: Dashboard, application & scoring rubric view

  • 13:23 Reviewer: Excel export, PDF export & batch zip download,


  • 13:50 Grantor: Admin overview, award management, applicant information & score break-down, individual & batch awards, reports dashboard, formatted Excel export, create new/update existing application, no-code solution for adding questions, funds management

  • 15:20 Grantor: Individual & batch awards, reports dashboard, formatted Excel export, create new/update existing application, no-code solution for adding questions, funds management

  • 15:47 Grantor: Reports dashboard, formatted Excel export, create new/update existing application, no-code solution for adding questions, funds management, create new/update existing application, no-code solution for adding questions, funds management

Some of our major integrations

Integrate Grants United with your favorite apps for a more streamlined workflow. Increase productivity and save time with a large number of popular third-party solutions – no coding expertise required.

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“The accessibility of customer support, ease of implementation, and additional support provided through videos/tutorials is great.”

Emory Williamson, Community Foundation of Louisville

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