Every nonprofit knows it’s important to keep donors up to date on company news and events, but what about employees? An organization’s staff needs to be just as informed about important nonprofit happenings, if not more so. Providing employees with information can be easily accomplished with the help of an internal newsletter. However, recent news is not the only information that should be included in this message, and it’s vital that organizations recognize all that should be included.

Keep everyone updated

News is a common type of content companies include in an employee newsletter, and it’s a good idea. Filling staff in on new policy changes or organizational shifts is very important so that people don’t feel out of the loop. People like to know what is happening so they can be prepared to adjust to new situations.

Invite people to attend events

Use the newsletter to remind people about upcoming events, deadlines and other important dates. Events are always more fun when people actually attend, so make sure employees are aware of what is coming up. Let them know how past events have gone, as well. If there is an annual event with a yearly goal, remind people what they reached last year and challenge them to beat it this year.

Include impactful stories

People want to know how they are making a difference, so include stories on how the organization is making an impact on the environment, animals or other people. Wired Impact suggested making sure the stories are engaging, and if the nonprofit is a paperless office, to include links to a full story on the organization’s website.

Recognize nonprofit employees

It’s extremely important that nonprofits not only recognize donors, but also employees. Without an organization’s staff, the company couldn’t run, so letting employees know they are doing well will help them feel appreciated. There are several different ways an organization can do this. For example, try creating an employee of the month section to highlight someone who has been going above and beyond work duties, or accept nominations recognizing someone’s hard work. Allowing employees to nominate each other for awards is a great way to encourage participation in company news.

Allow feedback
Creating a section for feedback is another good idea. People often have ideas that could be used to improve an organization, but have no outlet to share thoughts. Providing staff with a link in the newsletter to a feedback page can help an organization monitor the pulse of its workers.

Share employee accomplishments
Giving people the chance to share personal accomplishments and events is another way to build an organization’s community. The Nonprofit Times suggested adding a section to recognize family announcements, such as the birth of a child, a graduation, a wedding or other major life events. When people read these stories, it displays the human side of the company and can create stronger ties in the work space.

Extra tip: Be sure to include plenty of photos in the newsletter. Too much text could cause the reader to become bored and stop looking at the flier.