Social media can be utilized for much more than sharing pictures of your food or selfies. Today’s students have a wide range of social media tools to better their chances of winning a scholarship. communityforce has compiled this list of ways student can use social media to find a scholarship:

Athletic scholarships and YouTube

Uploading an athletic video on YouTube helps students easily share their athletic abilities with coaches all over the country. Coaches find emailing a link is much more effective than mailing a DVD. Create a plan for filming your video to allow for maximum exposure of your athletic talents. Try to make the video compelling, too. Play to your strengths and show your personality. If you think you can tell a story about how the sport has shaped you, create a short narrative.

Write a script to avoid awkward pauses and misspoken words. You don’t want your screen time to be filled with a bunch of “Um​s…” and “Er​rrs….”  Ask your high school if you can use the football stadium or basketball court. A coach will have a firmer grasp on your skills if they see you dunking basketballs in a real hoop as opposed to the one in your driveway.

Blog your way to your future

A scholarship committee can get a better idea of what you are passionate about when they read your blog. Imagine you are applying for a fashion design scholarship, and the committee reviewing your application sees you have your own fashion blog where you talk about self-made clothing and accessories. A law student can blog about recent legal cases he finds important and give his own opinions on trials. A future sports marketer can blog about teams she likes and give predictions for drafts, tournaments and games. The limits for blogging are endless, and scholarship committees can understand you more after reading yours.

Tweet to find a #scholarship

Twitter is a useful tool because it allows students to stay up to date on scholarship news. You can use Twitter to your advantage by following prospective universities and schools. Search the #scholarship hashtag to see if there are tweets from organizations or schools promoting their programs. Certain Twitter accounts are created to inform students about scholarships. Follow communityforce on Twitter for news and information about scholarships and financial aid.

Instagram or an art portfolio?

Art and photography students have their whole portfolio in the palm of their hands when they utilize apps like Instagram and Flickr. According to Statista, Instagram has over 400 million monthly users. Students can share photos with all these users, and turn their profiles into mini museums of their work. A scholarship committee can look at your projects online to see if you have the potential skills they want. #NoFilter needed.

The importance of an appropriate social media profile

Be responsible when tweeting out your latest thoughts, because the person who sees them could be a college admissions officer. According to Forbes, a Kaplan study said 27 percent of admissions officers  Google candidates and 26 percent check social media profiles. Thirty-five percent of admissions officers surveyed said they found something on an applicant’s wall that negatively affected their acceptance. The things participants found most offensive included:

– Vulgar language
– Alcohol or drug consumption
– Illegal activity
– Racy or inappropriate photos

Before posting your next picture, think to yourself, “Would a scholarship committee or admissions office want to see this?”

Social media-based scholarships

There are many scholarships created for students with a passion for social media. The Bankrate #FutureSelfie Scholarship awards $3,000 to one student and $1,000 to two students every year. Students post a picture of where they see themselves in 10 years with the hashtag #FutureSelfie. The scholarship wants fun, eye-catching and creative posts from applicants. The deadline each year is Oct. 31.

One of the largest social media-themed scholarships is the Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway. Dr. Pepper asks the question, “What do you dream of achieving?” Students answer the question on Facebook, and the responses are voted upon by Dr. Pepper’s followers. Once an answer receives 50 votes, the student is eligible to create a video on why they deserve to win. Finalists are then selected to participate in a football throwing competition. The grand prize is $100,000, and the top five contestants also receive $5,000 in scholarships.

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