Scholars United

Leading Scholarship Management Solution designed for Credit Unions

Our digital intuitive management solutions zero-in on the most crucial operational needs credit unions have today. Achieve overall efficiency and deliver remarkable value to your members conveniently with our powerful and scalable management platform.

  • Streamline and simplify work processes with user-friendly interfaces

  • Integrate system components required for lending success

  • Support your credit union’s lending program from start to finish

  • Maximize your efficiency with logical workflows and processing tools

  • Reduce costs and increase your revenue with high-level account processing capabilities

  • Communicate with applicants & reviewers

  • Automate your awarding process

  • Third-party integrations

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Application and Review Cloud Software for Credit Unions

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Easy Application Portal

Our intuitive, easy to use form builder comes fully configurable, so you can put your mission in the forefront from your applicant’s first visit.

  • “One-Click Apply” option, so applicants can apply for all available opportunities in just a few seconds 

  • Platform to manage their applications

  • Upload attachments, essays, letters of recommendations

  • Applicant profile feature

  • Mobile responsive

  • Thank you letters

  • View matching scholarships

Scholars United Application Portal Screen
Scholars United Admin Control Screen

Comprehensive Admin Control 

  • 360 oversight of application lifecycle  

  • Automate submissions, evaluations, and awards 

  • Automatically match students to awards 

  • Create flexible reports 

  • Comprehensive funds management 

  • Assign applications to your reviewers 

  • Collaborate with admins & other reviewers 

  • Score and rank applications