Applying for Grants is a tedious process but to fill an Application again and again with the same redundant information, is a nightmare for any organization and let’s not even talk about all the micromanagement required to manage all those members in the organization!

First problem, “How to solve the issue of filling an application again and again”?

Relax, Community Force’s new featureManage Agency Profileallows organizations such as yours to create a profile account that pre-populates data every time you start a new application form.

How does this work?

This is not an automatic feature and for it to work and make your life easy, you must first activate the feature which is present in the Administration Dashboard and link it to your Master Template. To activate your Agency profile, select the questions that you would like to be pre-populated every time an applicant starts a new form. You will be able to do this through our Agency Mapping section. Once your selected questions are linked to your Master Template, your Agency Profile Feature is ready to work for you.

What is the benefit of creating an Agency Profile for an organization?

The Agency Profile lets an applicant:

  • Complete items in their Edit Profile setup that they can have pre-populated every time they click “apply” and start an application form.
  • Additionally, anyActiveapplication forms that have not yet been “Submittedwith a lock after submit and the Deadline Date has not passed will automatically be updated with this edited data.


The second problem, “How to manage all those members in the organization”?

This issue is solved by our second new release theManage Membersfeature. This is an automatic feature available on all our 8.1 Grant sites.

Using the Manage members feature, organizations can have all their users from their organization linked together and can assign a Primary User(s) to be able to access all applications from all members that have been identified as part of their organization.


What else can it do for you?

It lets the Primary User(s) have access to view and edit any un-submitted application forms from other users within your organization by using the My Applications tab on their dashboard.

The Manage Member feature on an organization’s dashboard helps link members in an organization to any “New” profile that they create for their organization.
Individual users from the same organization who already have an account can also benefit by getting linked into accounts but to be on the safe side only the Global Admin can set them up in the Setup Users section.

Some of the Manage Member accounts setup feature that will be available when creating your staff accounts are as follows:

The primary user of an organization can reset the passwords for other users within their organization.

If you select Send Authentication Email the system will send an email to the user that you are creating an account for, notifying them that an account has been created.

You also get a Search By section that makes it easy to search for an existing user by their Email, Last Name, First Name, Status Type and by Profile ID (if applicable).

It allows an organization to remove a primary user so they will not be able to access their own application form.

Selecting users to receive all Notifications sent to all users within an organization even if you are not a primary user. You have a choice to Enable/Disable Notifications.

Another beauty of this feature is that when a user leaves your organization, you can just change his Profile status from Active to Inactive instead of deleting the account. Once they join back, you can just change the status to active again for them to gain access. You still have the option of Deleting user accounts.


Is there a relationship between Agency Profile and Manage Members feature?

Yes, there is! If there are members linked together and added in the Manage Members setup, then all members of that organization will also have their profile information updated when a member from their organization updates their Agency Profile information.


Final Question! How do I get started?

So, easy! Just write to us at