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Designed specifically for nonprofit organizations, CommunityForce nonprofit suite manages your core activities in one intuitive, easy-to-use, cloud-based software system.

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Get the most out of your non-profit with our suite of integrated solutions.

Streamline processes & maximize impact.

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Discover Top Reasons to Try CommunityForce Nonprofit Suite

  • Efficient and streamlined donation management
  • Comprehensive grant management
  • Powerful volunteer management tools
  • User-friendly event management features
  • Advanced reporting and analytics capabilities
  • Integration with popular third-party tools
  • Secure payment processing options
  • Customizable and mobile-friendly website templates
  • Dedicated customer support team
  • Affordable pricing plans with no hidden fees.

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Unlocking the Potential of connected NonProfit Suite

What’s included and what You Can Achieve

Fundraising / Donor Management

Elevate your fundraising and donor cultivation efforts with comprehensive tools designed to make it easy to identify, nurture, and retain more donors.

  • Utilize integrated campaigns for grant seeking activities that are seamlessly linked with financials.
  • Process online donations quickly without manual steps-each donation automatically creates or updates a donor profile, records their giving, sends an acknowledgement, and creates the necessary accounting transactions.

  • Keep track of performance and impact with clear dashboards and reports that provide key metrics for donor lifecycle management.
  • Streamline payment processing, donation tracking, and compliance workflows with automated tools.
  • View accurate financial statements and gain visibility into giving trends with convenient management reports. Gain insight into donor behavior, histories, and preferences to inform more effective fundraising strategies.
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements while maintaining a secure environment for donor data.
  • Reach out to donors in meaningful ways that engage their interests and cultivate loyalty.
  • Empower your organization to reach new heights of success with powerful donor management solutions.

Program Management

Effectively manage a variety of programs and services, no matter their level of complexity. With digital reports and dashboards, you can accurately measure your program’s success and its impact on the community. Program Management capabilities include:

  • Handling various types of programs.

  • Identifying most successful initiatives.

  • Adjusting services to better meet client needs.

  • Creating new programs quickly.

  • And more…

volunteer management

Organizations need to stay up-to-date with the speed of today’s donors and constituents. Community Nonprofit Suite is the solution for successful volunteer management. Features include:

  • Tracking and managing volunteers’ hours.

  • Creating and assigning volunteer jobs and optional shifts.

  • Enabling volunteer and job signup on your website.

  • Generating dynamic reports and dashboards.

  • And more…

Awards Platform

Designed to provide an end-to-end solution for managing your award application process. It features a fully automated system that streamlines the entire process and helps you keep track of every detail. From initial submissions through to final selection, our platform makes it easy for you to stay organized and ensure that nothing falls by the wayside. With our award management platform, you can:

  • Track donor/constituent information.

  • Track and monitor all actions related to the donor.

  • Track and monitor household information.

  • Generate dynamic reports and dashboards.

  • Track membership data.

  • Keep track of marketing information from MailChimp, Constant Contact, Pardot, etc.

  • And much more.

marketing management

Create personalized messaging to engage with your audience on all digital channels for stronger, more lasting relationships. Manage your marketing effectively to increase visibility and create an impact.

  • Engage with your constituents to build loyalty and trust.
  • Utilize the latest digital tools to better understand customer preferences and behaviors.
  • Leverage data-driven insights to adjust your strategies in real time and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Optimize campaigns through automation and testing, while also remaining open to experimentation.

Fund Distribution

Easily keep track of your program budget and funds allocation with our streamlined and intuitive funds dashboard. Monitor your financials in real-time to prevent duplicate payments and stay informed of the big picture.

  • Streamlined funds dashboard to monitor financials in real-time.

  • Efficient fund distribution management.

  • Centralized platform to manage donor contributions.

  • Simplified grant and award management.

  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics tools.

  • Configurable approval workflows.

  • Integration with accounting systems.

  • And much more…


Get a holistic picture of operations and make informed decisions. Designed to provide an in-depth look into the organization’s activities and performance, presented in a clear, concise format that allows users to quickly identify areas of success or opportunities for improvement. Additionally, the reporting system supports drill-down capabilities, allowing users to view granular details and analyze data from multiple angles.

  • Customizable and comprehensive reports for organizations to track their financial and programmatic data.

  • Holistic picture of operations and informed decisions.

  • Clear, concise format allows users to quickly identify areas of success or opportunities for improvement.

  • Drill-down capabilities for viewing granular details.

  • Real-time data visualization, streamlined data collection and improved decision making.

  • And much more.

Awards & Recognition

Our tireless commitment to excellence has been recognized by a number of prestigious awards and recognitions. The most recent acknowledgments include:

Shortlisted in over 15 software categories

“Highly versatile software with limitless potential to customize.”

Shortlisted in over 5 software categories

“This product is incredibly flexible and adaptable to our unique needs.”

Shortlisted in over 8 software categories

“I love the flexibility this software offers. It allows us to tailor it to our exact requirements.”

Shortlisted in over 10 software categories

“The possibilities seem endless with this product. It can do just about anything we need it to.”

GetApp leader across 18 categories

“Flexible product with near endless possibilities”

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CommunityForce was a breath of fresh air after other programs, what a difference. We had tried another grant management program and it was difficult for not only us but our partner agencies to use. Our funded partners have told our grant reporting software is the easiest they use. The customer service we receive from Community Force can not be beat. They have always responsive and quick to point out that their job is to provide us the support we need to be successful.

Shelley R.
Community Impact Coordinator

CommunityForce made it to the 2020 INC. 5000 List of the Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America at #646.

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