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Where are my email templates that automatically get sent out of the system? Can I edit those email template?

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When you first get your site, it is best practice to read through all your email templates and make sure the message is the appropriate message you want to relay to you applicants for the specific event that triggers the email to go out.

If the message is not the appropriate message for your organization, you will need to edit them, personalizing them to fit the needs of your organization.

Step 1: Open the Notification Center.

Step 2: In the Select an Application field, select the application form that you want to edit the template for or choose the “Select” to view and edit the System – Global templates.

Note: If editing a template that is in every application, you will need to select each separate application and make the change to the same template in each application separately.

Step 3: Select the template you want to edit, by clicking on the Template Name under the Template Name Column.

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