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What is a linked Question? When will I use it? When I do use it in a Request Section can an applicant edit the response once the request has been made?

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Linked Question: A linked question is a read-only display of a question that is linked to another question in the application that is the same question located in another portion of the application that the applicant will respond to.

You may need to see this data in another area of the application; therefore, this keeps the applicant from entering the information multiple times. The linked question will automatically default to the response value of the question it is linked to.

This is especially useful in Request sections where you may need to show the requester how certain questions were answered by the applicant, but don’t want them to have to answer them.

Note: If using linked questions in request section, the linked questions must be answered by the applicant prior to the applicant assigning a request section to an individual.

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