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Is it possible to receive an email when an applicants submits a post acceptance section?

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Yes, this is possible.

1. Only Global Admins can toggle this option from the Administration Dashboard. > Click the “Administration” section. > then Click the “Site Settings” icon. Under the General Settings header there is radio button labeled “Send an Email to Application Contact, when an Application is Submitted by Student:” toggle this radio button to yes.

2. IMPORTANT: make sure there is a contact connected to the application form. To add a contact to an application first you must go to “Setup Application Forms” from the Administration Dashboard > Click the application you wish to add a contact to. > Click the “General Information” icon. At the bottom of this screen you will see a button called “Add a Contact” click this button.This allows you to select a key contact from your user list for the application process. This is the contact that would receive that notification email. If you do not enter a contact here, then the emails will not be sent. NOTE: An application Contact must already have a user account set up in order to be added as a contact.

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