While in the Evaluations>Applicant Status report you can send notification emails to your applicants, instead of doing so in the Notification center.

Step 1: While in the Applicant Status report, select the applicant(s) you want to send the notification to, and then click the Notify button.

Note: if you select All at the bottom of a page, it will only select the applicants on that page. If you have multiple pages of applicants, you will need to notify the applicants separately on each individual page. If you want to do all your applicants, it is best to change the Display Records per Page to ALL, then select the All in the selection, to get all your applicants at one time.

Step 2: The Notification email box will open where you can create the email you want to send:

Step 3: Subject: enter the subject line that you want the applicant to see in the mailbox.

Step 4: Email Template: You can select from one of your existing email template, or leave this as select and create a new email just for this mailing.

Step 5: Body: Enter your message into the editor box. To the left of the editor’s box are Available Merge Fields that you can copy and paste into your email. When you send an email, these fields will automatically be populated with the desired data. For example, if you choose {First Name}, it will automatically change to the applicant’s actual First Name, while sending a mail. Simply highlight the merge field, right click, copy and paste into the body of your email. Be sure to select the brackets {} as part of the field, that are in the beginning and end of the field. Note:Use caution not to add extra spaces or delete any of the field when copying it. Each template has certain Merge fields available if the field you are looking for is not listed in the column to the left, then it is not available for this specific template.

Step 6: You can schedule the email to go out at a later date by selecting the Schedule The Email button, or you can send it immediately by clicking on the Send Now button.

Step 7: Once you return to the Applicant Status report, the Notification Date column will now display the date of the last email notification sent to that applicant.