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How do I get a formatted template for the the Budget/Demographic Question Type?

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Using the Budget Demographic Question type will allow you to provide a pre-formatted Excel Document for your applicants to complete.

Once they complete and download the document individual questions linked to items in the spreadsheet, will automatically be populated and linked in an additional private section in your application form.

When creating this question type, a section will also be automatically created at the same time to capture the data.

Step 1: When creating your question, select the Budget/Demographic question type.

Note: when naming your question, the Question XML name will be the name used to Name the section that will be capturing the data.

Step 2: This will open the Template where you can click on the green Excel icon to download the pre-formatted Excel Document.

Step 3: Once you open the Excel Document you will need to follow the instructions in the red notes section and use this document to build your spreadsheet you want the applicant to completed.

NOTE: Use the format to build your spreadsheet as you would normally want it to be completed, you can also add formulas to be calculated in the Excel Spreadsheet on rows and columns. Note that Column Headings and Row headings should be unique. Leave the First Column Heading Blank. Do not leave any Row Headings blank delete all blank rows and the Notes section prior to saving your document

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