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How do I change an applicant’s status?

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1. In the Evaluations>Applicant Status report, you can use the Change Status to/Status Detail, to select an applicant(s) to manually change the current status of an applicant or group of applicants to another Status/Status Detail in the process.

2.Select the applicant(s) you want to move, by putting a check in the box next to that applicant(s) name.

3. Once you have selected the applicant(s), click the drop down arrow in either the Change Status To or Change Status Detail to fields and select the new status/status detail you want to move the applicant to.

4. Once you have selected the change status or status detail, click on the button next to that field, Change Applicant Status or Change Applicant Status Detail, depending on which one you’re wanting to change.

5. A Change Applicant Status box will appear for you to enter the reason for the Status/Status Detail Change. Enter your comment and click Save to save the change or Cancel to cancel the Status/Status Detail Change. If you do not want to enter a comment, you will still need to click save to save the change.

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