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Can I notify my reviewers using the system that I made their assignments?

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After you have made the assignments you will need to notify your reviewers that they have applicants waiting to be reviewed. You can do this notification in the Assignments section.

Step 1: In the Evaluations>Evaluation Setup dashboard, open the Assignments section for the application that is ready for review.

Step 2: Scroll to the bottom section where it shows the assignments that have been made. In the Reviewer Name Column locate the reviewers you need to notify. Put a check in the box next to that assignment that has the reviewer’s name and then click on the Notify Reviewers button. You can select multiple reviewers at a time to send a batch of notification emails.

Note: if the reviewer has multiple assignments you only need to select their name once.

Step 3: This will open up the email notification box. You can create your own email message or select in the template field the email template: Committee: Applications are ready for review.

Step 4: Click on the Send now to sent the email at that time, or you can click on the Schedule the Email to have it sent at a later date and time.

Step 5: The email will then be sent to all the reviewers you had selected.

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