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Can I import a list of users?

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Yes you can.

1. Select “Setup Users” from the admin dashboard’s Home Page. While in Setup Users select the Import Users(s) button. A new screen will open called “Import User(s)“.

2. Select the format Type of the download file. Excel or XML. Select the Excel option.

3. Click the button “Click here to download the format of the file” This will download a pre-formatted Excel File on your computer.

4. Complete the downloaded document adding each separate user account and complete all the required field columns. Save a copy of this document to your computer as an excel document (xlsx).

5. Upload the saved Excel file by clicking on the Upload Excel Button in the Import User(s) and selecting the newly created document to upload.

6. Click Save to start the Import. Once the import is complete the new Users will now show in the Setup Users table.

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