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Can I get a report with the average score of my committee?

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Note: This is a brief overview on how to create an Ad Hoc scoring report, for a more in depth detail on creating reports please – See the Reports Training Module .

Step 2: Click on the Create New Report button.

Step 3: Name the report and give it a Description.

Step 4: if this is to be a report that all the staff needs to see select the Visible to All-otherwise you will be the only one that can access this report.

Step 5: Select the Application Data, Section Data and the Score Card Information

Step 6: Click on Save & Next to go to the next page

Step 7: Select the individual columns to include in the report. You can select specific questions from the applicant’s application, as well as select specific questions that the reviewers scored on in the task card if you want to see each reviewer’s individual scores for the applicant. (Make sure to pull the Application Data – Status and Status Detail, so that you will have those columns to filter on once the report is completed.)

Step 8: Click Save and Next

Step 9: Click the Add New Condition button

Step 10: Select the Filter to filter on the actual task Report Item: Score Card Information Section Name: Score Card Information Field Name: Task Name Filter: Contains Filter Value: Click the actual Task name that you want to see the results fo

Step 11: Click Finish to return to the report list.

Step 12: Once you are at the report list remember to first click the Update Reporting Database button. Then once the database has updated, locate the report you just created and click on the View icon located to the right of that reports name to open the report. Once you open the report it can be exported to Excel.

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