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Can I do automatic assignments to a committee ?

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CommunityForce offers Automatic Assignment of Applicants.

Automatic Assignment of Applicants , allows you to have the system automatically assign applicants to the committees for specific tasks.

You can have all the applicants assigned or have filters to assign applicants that meet a certain criteria automatically assigned. (This is best used on a one to one application process when you are only reviewing one application and awarding one funding source)

In the automatic assignment, you would choose the task, choose the committee, and then all the applicants that have submitted will automatically be assigned or you can choose to select a filter based on a  pre-designed adhoc-report you have created to filter specific applicants for assignment to a specific task.

If you have multiple stages to your review process, you have the option to assign tasks that are dependent on other tasks being accomplished first.

If a task is dependent on another task, reviewers in the second review would not be able to review an applicant until the first review was completed.

The use of the Automatic Assignment of Applicants feature is a universal site feature not a per application option.

If selected all application forms will have to use the Automatic Assignment, and the ability to use the manual version where you get to select what applicants gets assigned to what task will not be available.

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