CommunityForce Integration with Non-CommunityForce Systems

CommunityForce is built with the mission of improving your processes, making your life easier, and adding convenience. Integrating your new CommunityForce system with other non-CommunityForce systems you may own is part of that mission. For instance, integration with a school’s enrollment system in order to communicate information and update all systems allows users to make the absolute best decisions based on the most recent student details, such as GPA or income.

CommunityForce integration with the client’s enrollment application allows the client to share student information between your enrollment system and CommunityForce database. The integration will allow your enrollment system users to automatically login to the CommunityForce system and access all the applications related information. A bi-directional relationship with your enrollment system allows you, as the administrator, to pull data from the enrollment system and keep synchronizing the two databases. When using the integration you may use not only the standard fields that are visible to the students but all custom fields associated with staff sections. When importing from your enrollment system you can pull your full list of student login IDs and application data. Importing a student list will create a list within CommunityForce that contains all of the individuals that are eligible to seamlessly login from your enrollment system to CommunityForce.

CommunityForce’s extensive experience working with Higher Ed clients including some of the largest institutions like Harvard University, Yale University, University of Phoenix, University of Alberta, University of Auckland on the automation of their Scholarships, Research Grants and Fellowships, coupled with extensive real-time integration with Banner, Datatel, PeopleSoft and BlackBaud product suite offers your organization the security and risk associated with working with a new vendor that they have not worked with before, delivering you an integrated scholarship management system.