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Zero Trust Architecture RoadMap, Design and implementation

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Cloud Security Consulting and Implementation Services

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Access Management Consulting and Implementation Services

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Identity Governance and Administration consulting and implementation Services

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Data Governance and Protection Consulting and Implementation Services

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Our clients come to us

To implement secure computing practices by allowing right user, access to the right things, at the right time. With many organization adopting hybrid cloud services, this has become a ubiquitous issue.

For streamlining employee On-Boarding and Off-Boarding to critical applications . It is mostly manual and time consuming. Single Sign On and Authorization policies are ad hoc and help desk driven. Many organization don’t have password self service features.

To fix disjointed User experiences. Users don’t have access on day 1 and every time there is a job transfer, they don’t have access to perform the new work. Password in many system are not synchronized, which lead to Users remembering many passwords.

To fix ineffective internal controls that meets expanding regulatory and external auditors’ requirements.

To support inorganic growth by onboarding and providing right access to M&A employees and contractors in a timely fashion.

To automate processes as lack of self service leads to increased cost.

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