First and foremost, as we all track COVID–19 and the impact it continues to have on individuals, businesses and communities – our thoughts are with you, your families, your co-workers and clients around the country and the world.

We are all navigating through unprecedented times and as a non-profit you are working hard to provide needed relief to your constituents. It’s at times like this that donors lean forward even more and may be providing you a means to offer relief for those suffering due to the impact of the pandemic.

As we all know, this will be an ongoing process for some time to come. CommunityForce has solutions to help you in your granting process. Our grants solution provides a means to grant to companies. If you have a use case that requires awarding to individuals, we also have a solution for that.

Additionally, CommunityForce offers a High-Volume Relief and Hardship capability – when disaster hits, an organization might receive a high volume of applications, such as in one use case where over 50K applicants applied in less than 30 minutes. This capability provides you with a means to easily manage that huge influx of applicants.

Our team is positioned to offer quick turnarounds that can affect how rapidly you can provide relief to your industry. Our platform is intuitive and designed for you to be self-sufficient in administering your process from application to award and beyond.

As a pioneer in Grants, Scholarship and Relief Management, we have been serving the non-profit industry for over a decade. CommunityForce customers worldwide have awarded more than $542,964,146 in grants and scholarships and have processed over 157,482,045 applications using the platform.