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  • With Integration, I need to know how to…

    Banner, Peoplesoft, Datatel, Guidestar, YourMembership, Salesforce and Single Sign On. If the external system has an Open API or Web Service we can connect. Please contact the Sales Department if you wish to explore an integration with our system.

  • Will client data be handled, accessed, copied, viewed, transferred, stored (etc.) by Supplier or by a subcontracted party of the Supplier?

    Our client data is accessed by authorized full time employees.

    Data transfer or storage is for backup and disaster recovery purpose. We do not ALLOW subcontractor access to client information.

  • Why would I use applicant status details?

    They can help you know what stage of your process your applicants are in. Status Details can be used as filters in reports and email notification.

  • Why would I need to manage my agency profile?
  • Why is there information in the Search Filter Setup that does not currently apply to me?

    The site comes with some sample data that has been pre-populated into search filters to give you an idea of what kind of filters you can create.

  • Why do numeric questions align to the right instead of the left?
  • Why do I need to create an applicant profile?

    By creating an Applicant Profile an applicant can complete items in their Edit Profile setup that they can have pre-populated every time they click “apply” and start an application form.

  • Where would I go to view the awarding for all my fund sources in the system?

    Yes, you can find this information by clicking “Batch Awards (All Funds)” from the home dashboard.

    Now click “Awards Applicant Report“. This report will allow you to filter by fund and academic or fiscal year.

    To pull this report into excel click the “Export to Excel” button in the right hand corner.

  • Where do I manage applicant referral process?
  • Where do I go to edit Open Help?

    Only Global Admins can make this change.

    Click the Administration icon from the Home page of the admin dashboard. Click the Application Help icon.

    Click the edit button to left of the open help screen you wish to edit. On this screen make the changes you need to make and click save and exit.

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