Surpassing Film Submission Goals In Just Three Weeks

AT&T harnessed the power of Submittable’s software as well as its vast base of creatives to grow their network of emerging filmmakers.

AT&T builds a network of talented, emerging filmmakers through the AT&T Film Awards, an open competition seeking imaginative, undiscovered short films. When they wanted their program to reach new heights, they decided to change everything up through Submittable’s review platform and marketing services.

The end result? They got so many high-quality responses that they had to close the submission window early.

There were a number of other similar or related activities that Submittable has worked with that reached our target audience.

Dave Okamoto


Testing the waters with new software

Before switching to Submittable, Dave Okamoto, Senior Marketing Manager at AT&T, used a different vendor to help manage video submissions. When AT&T decided to increase its goal to 1,000 video submissions for the AT&T Entertainment Awards in the spring of 2017, Dave started looking at other options. He came across a high school film festival in New York using Submittable and decided to “test the waters” by signing up for a demo.

Finding the right audience (and a big one)

While his leadership team was initially cautious about switching vendors, Dave convinced them that they were in a position to try something different.