Celebrating Community: Likee Takes Contest Submissions for a Ride

Partners Nike and BIKETOWN used Submittable’s Gallery View and Public Voting features to run a bike design contest with zero bumps in the road.

Portland’s BIKETOWN is a bike-share program that partners with Nike to facilitate convenient, inexpensive, and eco-friendly travel throughout the city. When the two thought up a Community Design Challenge, they brought in Submittable to help them solicit illustrations from local artists and host a public-voting contest to determine future bike wrap designs.

For us, it was really about working with a knowledgeable platform. We appreciated that Submittable’s crew was receptive and welcoming.

Karol Collymore


Focusing on community, sustainability, and movement

Founded in 2016, BIKETOWN offers 1,000 bikes at over 100 hubs across Portland. In partnership with Nike, Thrive, Motivate, and others, BIKETOWN developed a plan in early 2018 to introduce new bike designs to its fleet.

“We were looking for a way to celebrate Portland’s creative culture, community spirit, and unique neighborhoods,” says Karol Collymore, Nike Senior Manager for Community Impact in Oregon.

The resulting challenge, overseen by Nike’s Community Impact team in Oregon, invited local artists to submit designs representing distinct city quadrants, with five winning designs to be featured on 10 special edition BIKETOWN bicycles a piece.