Online marketing has gained popularity over the years, but direct mail marketing techniques can still generate buzz for your brand. A lot of people still enjoy holding a physical flyer or booklet in their hands when reading stories and information. Providing potential donors and volunteers with direct mail gives people this option. This method not only appeals to an organization’s audience, but numbers show that direct mail is starting to gain some popularity again. Maintaining online marketing techniques is a good idea for nonprofits, but it’s also important they remember the benefits of direct mail.

Physical item

Direct mail pieces serve several functions for an organization. According to an RARC Report, traditional mail creates a superior response to a message for several categories, including longer review time, greater emotional connection, message retention and desire and value placed on a product or service. Being able to hold on to the item has other benefits, as well, such as being able to place the card or newsletter in a visible spot, like on the fridge, that will often remind a person of the organization’s cause.

Less competition

People receive a number of emails every day and half the time they don’t even open them before hitting delete. On the other hand, according to the 2015 Digital Marketing Association (DMA) Statistical Fact Book, as reported by Eleventy Marketing Group, a household receives an average number of 19.1 direct mail pieces per week. The direct mail option has a lot less competition than an email inbox.

More personal

People enjoy receiving mail that is relevant to their interests, so getting a card in the mail about a cause they support can help gain their attention. Adding other personal touches to the flier, like a name, can also help hold the reader’s attention for a little bit longer.

Tips for creating engaging direct mail

The 2015 DMA Statistical Fact Book reports that 50.9 percent of mail recipients find postcards useful. When using this marketing method, nonprofits need to make sure they are creating a card that will appeal to recipients. Business to Community suggested creating a postcard with bright colors, bulleted information and a clean design. Placing a high-quality photo on the card that explains the organization’s cause can also help interest prospective members. Using engaging images like this is useful for appealing to a person’s emotions.

Utilizing business management software can also help when dealing with mailings because organizations can track how often fliers and other marketing products are being sent out. Keeping track of mailing frequency reduces the chance of recipients becoming bombarded with direct mail and email fliers.