Organizations globally trust CommunityForce to implement BI & Analytics solution

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Power BI – Dashboard and Visualization services

Aggregate, Analyze, Visualize and share data and insights

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Qlikview– Dashboard and Visualization services

Augment and enhance human intuition with AI powered insights, and helps people move from passive to active analytics for real-time collaboration and action.

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Tableau – Intuitive, visual analytics

We make analyzing data fast and easy, beautiful and engaging—with limitless data exploration for everyone.

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BI Self-service

Build self-service BI solution enables business analysts, executives and other users to run queries themselves and create their own data visualizations, dashboards and reports.

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Business Analytics services

Help organizations extract maximum business value from data by analytics delivery through predictive and prescriptive analytics, AI and Natural language processing

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Our clients come to us

To solve the problem of disconnected spreadsheets, desktop databases, reporting tools, analytic and query tools, data warehouses and NO business intelligence and reporting strategy.

As their technology and operations teams get tied down with administrative overhead due to disconnected and inconsistent data and information.

As most of them struggle to create measure and manage performance metrics (KPI’s).

Most of them have very high time to insight because they do not invest on BI competencies.

How can we help?

Communityforce helps you simplify processes, maximize impact, and grow your programs & community.

We’ve helped countless organizations – we can help you, too.