Project Description

Every person that wants to go to college should be able to do so. No student should have to endure the burden of debt to attend college. We can’t leave our future up to chance – we have to take it into our own hands. ScholarSwag was made to help us do that.

ScholarSwag is built for people who understand how important education is, are seeking resources to ensure a great future, and who refuse to leave their lives up to chance.

ScholarSwag presents alternatives to borrowed money. It reduces (and sometimes eliminates) dependence on student debt that can plague our lives for years after graduation.

ScholarSwag is an online resource to access and apply to the best scholarship opportunities in the best way possible.

Join the movement.

Today’s students are tomorrow’s global society. It’s imperative that present society do everything within its power to ensure its children are well-equipped for the future. This begins with education.

We believe that every student who seeks a college education has the fundamental right to one regardless of their financial means.

ScholarSwag’s mission is to impact one million scholars within the next three years by providing access to the best scholarship opportunities.

We’re achieving our mission through ScholarSwag, the only scholarship search and management database that connects scholars with the best opportunities through the guidance of scholarship organizations, parents, mentors, and guidance counselors.

Education is the key contributor to one’s success in life. Every child must have access to the best opportunities.

Our Clients

What our clients have to say:

Community Force is a great option for United Ways – the cost upfront is not prohibitive and it is pretty easy for an exec to crunch numbers and figure out that this process saves money in the long run.
Bob Gorman, United Way of Northern New York
We are loving the system! You all just keep coming up with such great ideas!
Amanda McCloud, Auckland University of Technology, NZ
It’s so refreshing to work with a company that not only listens, but takes action.
Kathy Lively, Captain Planet Foundation
Everyone I have dealt with has been very helpful. Thanks CommunityForce for making my job easier.
Diane Reimer, Crown Point Community Foundation
I found it to be a very positive experience. I’m not that skilled with the computer and this has been very easy. I certainly would recommend CommunityForce – it has a lot of positives.
Jim Connor, Board Member, Application Reviewer