SEO, or search engine optimization, is a major aspect of marketing that often gets overlooked. It can be difficult for organizations to implement because many people don’t actually understand what it is or how it here are some seo tips for you. SEO is any attempt at improving a website’s search engine ranking, and it can help attract visitors to your site by making a nonprofit website rank higher on search engine pages like Google. The full range of SEO capabilities can be pretty complicated, but there are a few tips non-tech savvy people can utilize.

Give images alt text

Alternative text has many beneficial aspects, and if your company isn’t utilizing this text, it needs to start. Alt content gives search engines extra information about the subject of a page, which can ultimately help improve search rankings. There are a few guidelines companies should follow when writing alt text, though, as Econsultancy pointed out:

  • Keep the text short
  • Avoid stuffing with keywords
  • Be precise

Adding this extra content to an image can also improve a website’s accessibility. Now, when people with screen readers enter the organization’s site, whenever an image appears, the visually impaired will have an idea of what the picture is.

Utilize keywords

Keywords are words and phrases that are significance to your organization. These terms are part of what help people find your website on search engines. Choosing useful keywords that will help improve your SEO can be difficult, though, especially for smaller organizations or companies. One strategy to work with when coming up with terms and phrases is focusing on long tail keywords. As Whole Whale pointed out, long tail keywords are longer, more nuanced terms that can help an organization reach a specific market. For instance, using the word “nonprofit” could be too general and create way too much competition. However, “Chicago nonprofit” could produce better results.

Link carefully

As Moz noted, links are tools search engines use to determine a website’s credibility, authority and popularity. You have to be careful when adding links to your website’s content. For example, you don’t want to add a ton of external links to blog posts because this can appear spammy to search engines.

The real goal you’re working toward is having other sites link back to your organization’s content. A few strategies companies can utilize when building linkbacks include:

  • Press releases
  • Blog posts
  • Newsy information

You want your website to be an authority on a cause or topic, and by sharing information and news with people, you make that possible. When people read your content and realize how relevant or inspiring it is, they will be compelled to start sharing links to company pages.

If all of this sounds too complicated, don’t despair. Using volunteer management software can solve your problem by allowing you to easily track down someone with the SEO skills you need to move your organization up in rankings. Since the system lays out applications in an organized fashion, you will be able to quickly scan through all the forms to see who already has experience in SEO and marketing.